Happy New Year and a look back

We say it every year as it closes, "This year flew by! Where did the time go???" This year is no different, particularly because of a two year old who seems to be growing inches by the second. It was a wonderful year, full of the usual ups and downs. Major blessings with a new job, raises, visits to family to see new nieces, big milestones with Liam. God's provision was so apparent this year, especially through some of our most challenging days. This year is closing on a bittersweet note and am excited for a fresh start. Cheers to the new year, friends. Here's a look back at some of my favorite moments.

We had lots of ice storms this last winter which meant lots of cozy days at home. Not so secretly wishing for more this winter. :) See post HERE and HERE.

We took our first trip to the Gulf and it was Liam's first time in the ocean. Such a fun weekend. Original post HERE.

 Liam and I flew to Virgina for a sibling reunion and to meet my niece. One of the absolute best weeks of 2015. See post HERE.

 Liam turned TWO! And it was the first time visiting Texas' famous bluebonnets. Post HERE and HERE.

This was the summer of the pool and Liam mastered the jump from the side of the pool. He's such a little fishy. 

Over the Fourth of July, we visited a Texas lake for the first time. Definitely not the same as my favorite lakes in California but it will do. :) See post HERE.

This year I really perfected my braiding skills and I can't get enough. See post HERE.

Husband got a new job! Proud wife over here. See post HERE.

Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch we first visited in 2010 when we got married. Love that we can take Liam here as well. See post HERE.

Ah yes, 2015...the year we really nailed Liam's Halloween costume. He LOVED being Thomas the train.

I created a family scavenger hunt. This was such a fun, magical morning. See post HERE. 

A special date night for me and husband to my company Christmas party. His bow tie got all the attention. :)

We had a truly memorable Christmas and the days following; one we'll never forget. 

Looking back, there were so many firsts. Love that. Happy New Year, friends. 

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