SNOW day

 Yesterday was our first REAL snow of the year. It snowed for a solid 8+ hours, ending my work day at 11 AM. Take that weekend! I called husband telling him I was on my way home and as I drove the 15 minute drive home, snow had accumulated dramatically. It just makes me so happy. The Jacobs love the snow. We live for it. Dallas doesn't get a lot of snow, maybe once or twice a year. Just enough for it to make me utterly giddy when it does.

I got home and husband and Liam were already outside prancing in the snow. As I pulled the car in, Liam was jumping up and down, smile wide on his blushed cheeks. I quickly went upstairs to throw on my boots and we spent the next hour walking around, enjoying the quiet that enveloped us. Soon enough, Liam was sick of the cold and shrieking, utter shrieking echoed from the ground to the sky.

Hate it, mom! Hate everything about this!

A quick change of clothes and a warm glass of milk later, we were on our way to pick up a few groceries. There was nothing special about the day, but just everything was. While Liam and husband napped, I snuck away to pick up absolutely nothing I need. Target, people, Target is my downfall. Went for Visine, left with a piggy bank (obviously THAT was a necessity), bananas, a beanie, a shirt for husband, and ground turkey. Forgot the Visine. But that piggy bank, good thing I got that.

 ^^^The view leaving the parking garage at the office.^^^
^^^Just home from work...we're excited that I'm home 5 hours early.^^^
Hunter Boots | Jeans, Marshals | Jacket, Gap | Beanie, Target (not the beanie that replaced Visine :)

 ^^^Despite my efforts to stop him, husband could not control his desire to do giant donuts. #andthentherewerecops

^^^his little baby snow prints. They just kill me. And his perfectly straight hands in his gloves. Apparently they're made of cement.^^^

 ^^^I'm now a wet, soggy mess after playing in the snow but I wouldn't have it any other way. My curled hair now looks like dreads. Supa cute.^^^

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