When we all met in Virginia

Oh heeeeey! After an intentional week long break from the ol' blog, two weeks have passed and here we are.

Last week, Liam and I flew to Virginia to visit my brother and sister-in-law and FINALLY meet my niece. Just for the heck of it! My sister was flying out there and when I researched flights for that same week, I could not pass up the flight deal. And a mini sibling reunion (minus one, Jen we missed you so!). These things don't just happen with us kids. It's usually a family vacation where there's a total of 20 people at my parents cabin or we only have a day or two. But we had a whole seven days! Seven!

It was a glorious week despite the fact that my two year old went into crazy mode. As told to husband after I was home, it was literally the hardest week mothering him since he was born. Sleepless nights seemed more manageable than this. Newborn cries are so much more pleasant than toddler cries screams. Also, this new human who emerged the second we touched down at Reagan Airport was nothing I'd ever seen. He was suddenly hitting, throwing, running, all in complete defiance. WHO IS THIS PERSON? I thought this every day. No day was easy with him and he is the most easy going little kid.

Aside from that, he did say my SIL's name for the first time while we were there. Chrissssin! Since being home, he says his auntie's and uncle's names no less than five times a day.

There was lots of down time, LOTS of naps (it's a blessed feeling when not one person in the house is awake at 2PM), lots of blooming trees and petals on the ground, humid days and cool nights, dinners on the deck, some DC tourism, competitive games (Stratego is my biggest burden), trainos, Gracie hugs and kisses, jealousy cries from said hugs and kisses, and early bedtimes. This is what vacations are made of. I loved every second of it and am missing it so much. Oh, how I long to live near those people again.

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