The one where we got iced

Some people have snow days, some have fog days, and some have ice days. Texas has ice days, where everything, everywhere is covered in inches of ice. Ice that looks like snow and can be rather deceptive. We usually have at least one ice storm a year and we are currently experiencing our first of 2015. Wonderfully, Dallas shuts down and the text message that the office is closed literally creates the excitement as close to Christmas as possible. We spent Monday mostly at home, husband feeling the need to drive in it as I'm sure men often do in ice. What is it about men and donuts? There's a reason my car never ends up face to face with a pole. Several trips to the store later we all ventured out for taco ingredients. As per usual, husband did his annual big fall on ice which created quite a stir in the Kroger parking lot. 

Are you OK? Do you need me to call someone?

A very distant, but very loud IS HE OK?! brought everyone's attention to the poor man paralyzed on the pavement, hand gripping his right booty cheek.

I keep telling him, never trust the ice. Just when you think you're safe, BAM, there you are sitting in a puddle of embarrassment. One day, perhaps he'll learn. Until then, ibuprofen.

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