Happy 2nd Birthday, My Liam

Dear Liam,

Happy birthday, my sweet boy! It's been two short years since you've come into the world. It's easy to forget how tiny you were, those precious little hands and feet that fit so nicely into mine, that serious pout, and those brows! The years have passed and your hands still fit so perfectly in mine. I don't think that will ever change.

 You are all boy. Lover of trucks and trains and the occasional bug. You're such a people person and frequently ask about church and day care. You fervently hold hands during prayer and always say "men" to close. Your favorite song is "Wheels on the Bus" and hand motions must always be included. "This Little Light of Mine" always makes you giggle. You still love to rock yourself to sleep; I don't think that will ever change. After all, you are your mother's son. You LOVE chocolate and can be bribed to do almost anything with the promise of a little taste of the gold. I know, I've tried it. You have a strong will and mommy is usually the only one able to soften you. You never want daddy in the mornings, despite how much dad's tried. You have such a tender spirit and whether it be you, me, or your truck that gets "hurt," you always ask "You okay??" You must have a banana every morning for breakfast or I'll hear about it. You ask for yogurt all day long. We're still working on veggies.

Mama is the head mouse, but Daddy, oh Daddy is something special. He's the wrestler, the softy, the spoiler, the tickler, the enforcer, the comforter in the middle of the night, the giver of "smodder time." He's your everything and you're already becoming so much like him. This makes your mama so proud.

Little man, stop growing up so fast! Though some things never change: newborn diaper explosions, potty training explosions, and well, just ask your dad. And some things do change: your love for affection and cuddle time and time sitting in my lap rocking. You never loved it as a babe but I'm so glad that's changed. :)

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you. Your world has grown so much and I love seeing it blossom. I see the world in more colors and know just how precious time is. You've taught me that.

I wonder if you'll marry, what she'll be like. I have dreams for the two of you. Dreams of her becoming my daughter too. Dreams of the two of you growing in Christ.

Happy birthday, little bear. You'll always be my baby.

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