Little Letters: Christmas Edition

Dear Christmas lights, I love how much you've popped up all over town. And I love how much Liam loves you. He's found the Christmas tree switch and you better believe you are shining bright all the time (colored lights only please). It's especially funny when they switch from white to colored.

Dear plaid jammies, thank you. Thank you for being so comfortable and so dang Christmasy. I'm never taking you off.

Dear Gilmore Girls, you've given me ALL THE FEELS. I've waited so long to hear those four words and though it seems this is how you should end, I just don't know how I feel about it. Something isn't sitting well. TV shows, man. Emotional roller coaster.

Dear Liam, YOU ARE A CHRISTMAS LOVER! My work is done. Thank you for being my partner for Christmas ornaments DIYs, belting carols, and for sitting and staring at the Christmas tree. Never grow out of this.

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