The Final Week

 Leggings: Nordstrom | Top: H&M | Flannel: Old Navy | Shoes: Target | Hat: Nike 

Saturday  morning, I was finishing up packing the few remaining items in the hospital bag while Liam was eating breakfast. 

Mooooom? When is my baby brother coming? A question we all want to know.

I don't know, bud. Hopefully soon. I'm so excited! Are you?

Yes! I want to hold him and give him toys. But not big toys, wittle baby toys. Cause he's a baby. I don't want to be a big boy, I want to be a baby. I don't waaaanna grow up!

I want you to stay little too, while trying not to shed a tear.

Last night he brought me Love You Forever to read to him before bed. I literally only got through the first two pages before I started crying. Hormones, amiright? Luckily, he wanted to read it to me and made up his own story as he flipped through the pages.

I have one week left until my induction date and I'm savoring it up. Liam has been extra cuddly and sweet and I know he's going to be the best big brother. Though I'm swollen and incredibly uncomfortable, I'm loving the family time we've had. I think we're all feeling excited and impatient and more grateful than ever.

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