Texas Bluebonnets and a Due Date

Spring in Texas is a glorious time. The weather is warm (this week has been in the high 80's), bluebonnets are blooming, and the humidity hasn't spiked yet. Don't blink or you might miss it! This spring I'm especially grateful as our little rainbow baby is due to come any day now. We are feeling the excitement and anticipation in our house as we wait.

I had my weekly doctor appointment on Monday and we got to see our bashful boy. It seems he wants to surprise us with his face as we have yet to have a successful profile view. He does have cheeks for days and the perfect pout. And perhaps that ol' wives tail about heartburn and babies having hair is true. Turns out, he has a head of it and even has a patch of longer strands. 

The biggest news was the he's no longer breech (yay!) and he's 8lbs 8oz. Let's take a minute here and reflect on this. I am 37 weeks carrying an 8.5lb babe. 

Alright then.

Needless to say, my doctor is not allowing me to go to 40 weeks; that's just asking for a 10 pound baby. So our due date was moved up a week (still doesn't feel soon enough). I am 1cm dilated which is progress for Stover women. Slow and steady is our game. We don't do labor naturally and getting to 1cm took doctors half a day with Liam so any progress is encouraging! I'm counting the days (4) til I'm done with work because holy F E E T. They definitely reflect that I'm carrying such a big boy.

Around this time last year we shared the news of our miscarriage and it's incredible to think that one year later we would be waiting for our baby to get here. He is a mighty God and I just can't help feeling joyful at His goodness. 

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