Cozy Knits + Potty Training

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Remember when I said you'd be seeing my version of this outfit on the blog soon? I wasn't wrong. My favorite thing about it is that it literally hangs off my body, each piece barely skimming the skin which means it's the most comfortable thing I've ever put on my body. This sweater has been moved to the front of my closet because even though the temperatures haven't cooled, it's incredibly breathable while still being totally Fall appropriate. The illusion of a cozy knit can be better than a cozy knit, you know what I'm saying?

We're at this awkward stage with Liam where people think he's three and question why he's not potty trained. He's in fact two, not even two and a half, and just didn't seem ready. We get these silly looks from people people assuming we're lazy and sending our child into pre-school with a diaper. I just want to scream NONONO! I refrain and continue our potty conversations with Liam. It's not that we haven't tried but he wasn't ready and you just can't force these things. But I think we're finally at the stage where he's open to it. This weekend he was diaperless and I could tell our conversations have gotten him thinking about it.

Saturday night as he was finishing his chicken nuggets he came running to me, "Mommy mommy! Look there's a chicken nugget!" He gets very excited about chicken nuggets so thinking he had dropped one on the ground somewhere, I came over to where he was pointing. Nope, that wasn't no chicken nugget.

He helped me clean it up and we had more talks of going in the potty and how EXCITING it is to wear big boy pants. "No mama, I wanna wear diaper!"


Sunday afternoon we tried again. I pumped the liquids in him, incessantly reminding him to drink water and offering the ever favorite chocolate milk. We sat on the potty every so often and I knew he was holding it and refusing to go on the toilet.

He's learned to open our sliding door and as he slipped outside bare bottomed (sorry neighbors!), there it was. "Uh oh....."

And so the cleaning and conversation started again.

I was determined to get ONE successful attempt before bed so I bribed him with chocolate and we sat together, him on the throne. We played tracks, drank water, ate a piece of chocolate and repeated. He's very good at NOT going. Husband asked how long I was going to make him sit there. "As long as it takes for him to go in the toilet!" As we got impatient, I thought you know, I should pray with him about. We held hands and prayed for patience, for determination, for little victories, and for guidance.

I went to grab one of Liam's trains that he was requesting and he came running into his room saying, "Mama, I see poo poo." Gosh dangit. Not again.

Low and behold, liquid gold was in the potty!!!!!! We hugged, I almost cried, we high-fived, we laughed, we were both so proud.

Maybe he's getting it. Mamas, any advice on potty training? Tips that help it stick with your child? Wearing a diaper almost seems like a security blanket to him. Is it just persistence that we need?

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