Work and Play

 Top, thrifted | Shorts, Levi's | Flats, Gap (same style) | Sunnies, Target

The other night, the weather was still warm and Liam and I weren't ready to go home after I picked him up so we headed to the park. We wound our way through my favorite neighborhood and I picked out my favorite homes with the most delightful Southern charm. I've always been partial to the homes with huge front porches and big shutters. I love to imagine what life would be like behind the big blue door.

The sun was settling into the tops of trees and a slow buzz of cicadas surrounded us as we swung and picked up rocks. Sometimes the last hour of daylight is so magical.

The best work outfits are the ones that easily transform into mommy duty. A typical, somewhat boring outfit for the office can have a whole new look with denim cutoffs. It creates a much more casual vibe but still looks chic and pulled together. I've always loved a grungy, classy vibe. That's a thing, right?

Happy Friday! Liam has a stomach bug so hoping we go into the weekend with a little less laundry duty. You feel me?

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