fast forward

 Dress, J.Crew, similar in white | Flats, Target | Sunnies, Cato, similar

The other day we were walking out the door and with my arms full, I draped Liam's backpack across his shoulders and locked the door. As I turned to take his hand for the walk down the stairs, I stopped. There stood my son, looking so grown up all of a sudden. His tan skin, light blonde hair, long legs sticking out beneath his overalls forced me look five years into the future. Is this what it's going to look like when we're getting ready for school? Backpack on, that same devious grin? I can't help but think it is. When did he grow up? It seems like just yesterday we were singing his praises as he was learning to roll over (tbt here)! Now we're discussing plans to disassemble the high chair and move him to the big table.

I'm learning to be present in all things. To embrace the early mornings (today was exceptionally early) for in just a few years, he'll be sleeping in til noon and I'll be wishing for those early morning wake up calls. Embrace those dinner tantrums for soon he'll be out with his friends for dinner and I'll be wishing for just one more fight over uneaten veggies. This too shall pass and one day I'll be wishing for it back.

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