liam at 3 months

 Liam, in the last few weeks you've gone from newborn to baby. You've learned to roll over! It's still not your best learned trick but you practice more and more every day. Sometimes watching you roll over makes me feel a bit claustrophobic--I just want you to get it! "Move your arm! Lift your head!" It can be a bit frustrating but that's being a parent, I guess. You're starting to take naps in your crib but because you're able to roll over we have to watch you. Rolling over is one thing. Lifting your head from the mattress and readjusting yourself is another. But you're improving by the day! With that said, Liam, you need to sleep more. You went from sleeping through the night to waking up every 3 hours! Me and Daddy are feeling a bit sleep deprived these last few weeks. You're lucky you're cute.

I think you're gonna take after mama and be a bit shy. You are in your element at home--laughing, full of personality. Anywhere else and you clam up and become Mr. Serious. It's ok, shy people are pretty great too. =)

You've discovered your feet and that your mouth can make bubbles! Laughing with Mama is one of your favorite things. And music. Life stops with music.

You're growing so fast, little boy. You are such a treasure and my love for you abounds.

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