How to be awkward

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When your access card suddenly doesn't work to get into the parking garage at the office. Seriously, you have ONE job! It's worked all this time and now six cars in, you decide "let's have a little fun." Picture this: six cars reversing all in the name of a malfunctioning badge.

The amount of candy wrappers in my trash can at my work desk. Pretty sure the cleaning people judge me. I do.

Sometimes we have "team building Fridays" at work where one department plans a fun day for the rest of the group. These days are welcome mostly because there is one hour of work, three hours of play, and 3 hours of happy hour. This is a good ratio. On this last said Friday, there was an obstacle course that you had to maneuver through with a blind fold over your face. I was second in line for my team, following an account manager who was to give me directions through the "mines" since I couldn't see. Instead of helping a blind woman out, he stands there silently while I make the decision to really go for it and make one huge leap to the finish line. Well this led to an elbow in the face and a lifetime of jokes. "Krista's taking people out." "Krista is so competitive!" ""Geez, why are you so mad?" Still trying to live this down. One must ask, who's to blame? The blind man or the silent bystander? 

Milk shots--Angel' I'm looking at you. :)

Watching a teenager have a solo dance party with her mother in the car is a blessed sight. I couldn't peel my eyes away. She was clearly proud of those upper body moves to "Shake it Off" while her mother was less than amused. Less of an awkward moment for me, just the most entertainment I've had at a red light in a hot minute.

Wearing a grey tee shirt in 100 degree heat. Oh, the sweating and the inability to hide the sweating. 

The drooling that happened during prayer at church. I would love to call this a one-time event but my husband will attest that it is not. And it's also hereditary. Thank you, ma.

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