On 5 years

 Blazer, thrifted | Dress worn as skirt, Target (old) | Top, Target | Flats, Target

 As husband and I celebrated our five year anniversary this past week I look back over our last years together and smile. Of course there have been highs and lows as there are in any intimate, long term relationship but he is the person I've chosen to do this incredible life with. Together we've challenged our first year of marriage together in a new city, built our furniture together (I'm looking at you, IKEA), taken countless road trips north, south, east and west, moved back home to California and created the greatest ray of sunshine together, struggled financially, and then had more than enough, took our family of three back to Dallas, took new jobs, made new friends, searched for the perfect church to call home (five years later, we finally found it).

Can people change? Some argue yes, some no. I'm on the fence. Or was. This year, I've seen a change in my husband. Changes that make me so so proud to be his wife. There's been a lot thrown at him and this is the year he fought back and won. Standing by him has been so rewarding watching him become such a godly man who desires so much for our little family. I'm inspired by his passion, his two a day workouts, his work ethic, his desire to prove to them he's not a failure, his faithfulness, the dream job he went after, his honesty. Definitely not perfect but he constantly reminds me that God's grace never runs out.

Five years in and we're not the same two and for that I am thankful. We've grown up in these few years and oh, the growing we have to do! Thomas, I love you. I love you for who you are and who you've grown to be. Life is sweet with you...through the peaks and the valleys. You are exactly what I need. Happy 5 years. XO

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