Easter Confetti

A few pictures from our Easter weekend (don't judge, this week has been crazy busy with work). Sadly, I didn't get any family pictures which seems to happen every year but we did take some fun pictures with confetti eggs. What are those? Oh, just eggs filled with confetti. I bought them last year and never got around to using them which turned out perfect because Liam was old enough to enjoy them this year. Turns out, obsessed is a better word. He tried cracking the eggs on his own head and throwing them. Cutest ever, that boy.

^^^Watching Daddy crack the first one. Didn't realize that confetti was in them yet. And then the eyes got as big as saucers. Also you'll notice that in most of these pictures, he is holding his little Thomas train. Pretty sure he hasn't let go of it since Sunday.^^^
^^^If this picture could talk^^^
^^^Liam's turn!^^^
^^^Bonus: his hair is so curly they stayed in his hair all day. I was finding little pieces in his bed the next morning :)^^^
^^^Trying to crack one on his head^^^
^^^Sad it's blurry but he LOVED throwing the confetti high in the air^^^

 We had a great day, filled with time with Jesus and family. Perfect Easter. He is risen indeed!

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