April Fools

 I've always loved April Fools. I find it thrilling and tend to direct my jokes at my poor husband. I've done the usual "I'm pregnant" which always gives a wonderful, horrified response. He is such a sucker.

Husband is anal about our cars. Details them often, has a car wash pass, always tweaking something. In fact, he's currently out vacuuming one of them. He's so protective, it's ridiculous. We were at my in-law's for dinner last year when husband noticed a note on his car.

Sorry I hit you. Signed, Jamel (469) 231-3437

The anger. The panic. The frantic walking back and forth to find his phone. The run out to the car to look at the "damage."

He picks up the phone to call Jamel. No Jamel, but it was definitely a working number and there was a good five minute conversation instructing my husband that he was nowhere near the Plano area, nor was he earlier that day. Husband explains the note. The poor man on the other end. But my name isn't Jamel!

 My in-law's were in on what I'd done and by the time he had hung up the phone we were literally dying. It was a good twenty minutes of watching the man panic and get more upset by the second. When he found out it was an April Fool's joke, relief and annoyance were clearly visible. Well played, he muttered and walked away.

I'm still scheming up this year's and feel like I need to top last year's. Any ideas? Have you done any sweet April Fool's jokes?

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