Weekend Style

Boyfriend Jeans, Gap  | Heidi Merrick Tee | Converse | Beanie, Target , on sale for under $2!! | BP Jacket, old 

This weekend was long and cold. Cold being the operative word. I recall saying how much I love the snow but with the snow comes the cold and THAT I can do without. I also realize that my wardrobe does not reflect cold weather living. Growing up in California, I thought a winter coat meant a wind breaker. I loved the fact that most days I could wear any style of shoe I wanted. Texas, while not quite as moderate, is similar in that the cold days are so few and far between that when they hit and I want to wear converse, I usually know that my toes will suffer. I hate socks and I love wearing flats. So cold is what I will be.

Also, a big thank you to husband this weekend who let me have some much needed alone time getting a manicure and doing some thrifting. #besthusband

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