Lipstick Challenge: Week Two

 I love lipstick and pretty much wear a shade every day. So for the next thirty days (minus Saturdays), I challenged myself to try a new color every day. Here is my diary thus far: Week One here.

1. NARS - Heat Wave - This is a total cult classic and I see why but I never like to buy lipstick that is super popular. It's probably some form of rebellion rearing his head now than at 15. It's the same with popular movies. That's why I still haven't seen Titanic. I'm 28 years old and still haven't heard "My Heart Will Go On" in it's original form. But this shade is so perfect a red. It's literally perfect. I never had to reapply it once. Not even after eating lunch! A-mazing. Totally worth losing the rebellion for this stuff. Got compliments from co-workers too!


2. Smashbox Pout (came in their Be Legend lip gloss set) and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Ibiza - Saturdays I keep things easy and low key. Minimal face, stroke of mascara, and a simple lip. I used the Smashbox lip gloss first thinking I was going to go for something a little more nude but it washed me out. This NYX matte lip butter added the right amount of color that gives the perfect pout. Staying power was horrible, however.


 3. Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Lip Color - I Can Bare It - I'm gonna throw it out there, brown is not a color I generally reach for on my lips. I don't hate it, don't love it. I tried doing a light coat and it looked like I got a little carried away with a Snickers bar. It was all or nothing. It is super dry which drives me crazy. It goes on with the illusion it's going to be more like a gloss and two minutes later your lips are peeling. Chapstick not optional with this crud.

4. Milani - Rose Hip - I have a few Milani products in my makeup collection (love their baked blushes!) but have never tried their lipstick. I'm seriously in love with this color. Love how vibrant it is and it's so incredibly creamy. It's a bit brighter than I normally go for, but that's kinda why I love it so much. This will definitely be in heavy rotation for spring and summer.

5. Nyx - Tea Rose - Nyx lip products are just the best. Love that it's a super pigmented gloss that's not sticky. I hate sticky lip gloss. I'm always getting my hair stuck in it and then my hair feels sticky for the rest of the day and it's just annoying. You ladies feel me? But this isn't like that. It's so easy to apply, doesn't require a ton of precision which is perfect for me. On days I wear my glasses and am keeping my eyes simple but don't want to wear too bold a lip, I'll often reach for this. I love it. Just the perfect punch.

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