Double Denim

Levi denim cutoffs | Button-up, Ralph Lauren | Zara flats | F21 Bag (last seen here)

The weather has finally turned and we've been consistently having warmer temps. My body thanks me. I was beginning to think I would never have warm toes again. My body runs on cold which means that when it's 70 degrees, I'm usually still cold. But this 80 degree business...I can handle that. I've been soaking up the sun reading on the porch and binge watching YouTube videos. I cannot stop watching Jaclyn Hill's channel. So. Addicted. 

We've been transitioning Liam to a "big boy" bed this week. Since he sleeps on a bed and not a crib in daycare successfully we thought it would be wise to mirror that at home. We started first with a nap, finding him multiple times playing with his trains on a newly built track, but still encouraging him to sleep in the NEW, EXCITING bed. Ha. It worked! He slept like a champ for 3 hours! Naps never last that long around here. So we tried that night for bed. He laid there and immediately fell asleep. Success! Tonight, he's back in the crib. Those trains were just too irresistible this time around. He's currently shouting from his crib, the dungeon, in protest.

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