Blue Sunday

 Jean Jacket, Gap | Dress, Target | Cross Body Bag, F21 | Flats, Zara

I love a good drop waist dress. If not done right though, these types of dresses can really drown a woman. I have a short torso and this silhouette really helps to elongate me and even out proportions, even at 5'11. All my height is in my legs so proportions are still really important. In order to make it look like I still have a waist, I paired it with my jean jacket which is not quite a cropped jacket but almost. It cuts in right at the small at my waist and creates the illusion that my torso is longer than it is. Eye trickery is a beautiful thing. :) All you short-waisted gals, invest in a drop waist dress! It's a miraculous little style tip.

In other news, I'm sore. I worked out too hard apparently this weekend and by body is saying NONONONONO. Sitting is a challenge. Walking is a challenge. Getting dressed is a challenge. Really, doing anything that isn't sitting on the couch is a challenge. Monday is really shaping up to be a typical Monday.

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