When my closet forsakes me

Today confirmed that I'm never letting myself cut bangs again. I don't know why I do this to myself. I hate it every time and I swear I tell myself every winter, turned spring, don't do it!! It was one of those days where nothing is working, most specifically my hair. I blamed my bangs. My go-to when my hair is crap and defying the laws of gravity are braids. Bangs are incredibly difficult to fit into a pulled apart messy braid. Have you tried it? They can't grow out fast enough. If any of you have tips on how to grow hair 3 inches overnight, send 'em my way!

What's great is that when your hair is crap, your wardrobe seems to be as well. So when all else fails and I stand in front of my clothes that seem to be forsaking me in that moment, I throw on my military jacket my sis gifted me for Christmas several years ago, a pair of cropped pants, and if I'm off to work, heels. This silhouette never lets me down. I always feel pulled together and super comf. 


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