To make: DIY Tassle Necklace

Ever since I saw Julia's tassle necklace, I've been wanting needing one but I just didn't want to pay the heavy price tag. I figured they were easy enough to replicate so yesterday afternoon I gave them a go and I love how they turned out! They were so so simple to make and only require a handful of supplies.

What you'll need:
- colorful beads (any size)
- embroidery thread or yarn
- lobster clips
- a beaded necklace (or if you're like me and thought you had a beaded necklace, you can settle for a pearl necklace and will buy one tomorrow when your hair isn't full of hair dye. Moving on.)
- scissors

 Step 1:

Grab a piece of cardboard, I grabbed a tablet stand (proves anything sturdy will work) and begin wrapping your thread or yarn around the cardboard. Yarn will be thicker and give the tassel a fuller effect. Wrap until you achieve your decided thickness.

Step 2:
Grab a separate piece of thread and tie a knot at the very top of your wrapped thread. This is what you will be attaching the bead and clip to.

 Step 3:
Cut the opposite end of the thread.

Step 4:
Take another piece of thread and tie a knot an inch or two down from the top.

Step 5:
Evenly cut the end of the tassel the desired length you want. Just be sure to cut evenly.

 Step 6:
Thread the bead (any size) through both pieces of thread you tied at the top.

Step 7:
Next thread the lobster clip through only one string above the bead. Then tie a knot as close to the bead as possible. You don't want to see the knot above the clip.

Once completed, attach the clip to the necklace. You'll need a necklace with a little wiggle room, just enough to the clip to fit between each bead. After that, you're DONE! The best part is that you can make as many as you want in whatever color you want and interchange them to match your outfit. No need for multiple necklaces!

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