Holiday Traditions

My childhood holds some of my favorite memories. My memory has always been horrible; I literally can remember nothing. I worry for when I'm 65. But anyways. What I do remember of my younger years I find are often centered around the holidays. My family had a whole slew of traditions that I long to pass on to Liam. One of those, most importantly, is being with my family. It's just what the holidays are made of. Sleeping with my siblings in the same room/bed the night before Christmas. I very specifically remember one year I was on the floor with my other three siblings already sound asleep. I was cold and often would get in bed with my older sister, Katie, when such was the case. This instance, I climb into bed, but it was my brother. Feeling awkward, I didn't want to move. I think we were probably at the awkward puberty stage and anything remotely close to cooties or something was the most embarrassing thing ever. Or something. I don't really know, but I was so afraid to move for fear of him waking and finding me there. Haha, so weird and such a strange thing to remember. I loved sitting at the kid's table at Thanksgiving and playing video games all afternoon with my cousins. I loved attending the Christmas Eve service at church and feeling the anticipation for the day ahead rise. I'm so very excited to be going home for Christmas this year. For saying "Be haaaaaappy, it's Christmas" to every one of my siblings. For opening stockings with Katie at 5am before anyone else is awake (Sis, I hope we still do that when we're old). For Liam to play with the multitude of cousins. I long for Christmas baking and my mom's fudge. For visiting lights and perhaps a sled ride. 

It's been a crazy week. My dad was in town which was amazing. It was good to reconnect and for him and Liam to bond. He loves his grandson, that's for sure. Looking back, I think I'll always remember these last few days with him. I hold them so dear. It seems this time of year is always busy though, doesn't it? But for me, it's been the best kind of busy filled with family and laughter and making our own family traditions as well as continuing cherished ones.

Some of the traditions my family enjoys:
1. Christmas jammies. Sometimes we match, sometimes we don't. We don't wait til Christmas Eve though. We wear them weeks before so we can enjoy them and feel extra festive in all that red and green. I've been told this year I look like a Dr. Seuss character. Sweet.

2. Christmas vests. I think I probably get that from all the years of my teacher mother wearing them. But now, Liam is the wearer in my family. Nothing like a grandpa baby. 

3. Light tours around town with a cup of hot chocolate. We always put on our jammies and pile in the car and drive around and look at as many lights as we possibly can. 

4. Puzzles. You can pretty much bet one will be going non-stop.

5. What is December without Bing Crosby?

6. Abc Family Christmas movies. They're so corny, it's magical.

7. We take a night to decorate the tree for Christmas. We get the tree (never fake!), grab a quick dinner or a peppermint mocha, and spend the next few hours filling the house with Christmas music and the smell of pine. It's one of my favorite nights of the year.

8. Advent. It's so easy to get caught up in all the fluff and somehow lose sight of the Gift. I love setting aside time each night as a family, reading Scripture and prepping our hearts.

And some random phone pictures from the week...

My favorite view and my new thrifted boots. 
Someone couldn't hang through the Breaking Bad marathon. Also, I've been known to mindlessly braid my hair while watching tv. 
 I love these last two pictures. Makes my heart melt.

What are some of your favorite traditions? I'm always wanting to add new ones!

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