Thankful for sugar cookie bakin'

Last night we did a little Christmas baking as a family. Liam loves to help in the kitchen, more specifically, he loves to stir or whisk anything. Whenever I'm baking something, it's a sure bet that he'll be right next to me. We baked sugar cookies with chocolate kisses on top. Husband's idea, not mine. They are delicious, but not at all attractive. Liam helped Daddy unwrap all the kisses which turned into a "one for you, one for me" game. It took a several minutes before he realized there's chocolate inside that silver wrapper and it was over. He's most definitely my child. :) 

It was a simple thing but both me and husband were so happy afterwards. Our boy is getting so big and he has such a loving spirit. Even with something as simple as baking, he is so affectionate and considerate of others. It's moments like last night that make my heart swell so big and make me so proud of the boy we're raising. I'm so thankful for this family of mine.

Obviously playing with the clean bowl afterwards is mandatory. The tupperware/mixing bowl cupboard is his fav.
 Our night ended snuggled on the couch looking at the pictures in my phone. Liam loves swiping through them. He figured out how to work my phone waaaaay too early.

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