Thanksgiving Weekend

My favorite days are the ones following Thanksgiving leading up until Christmas. I love preparing for the holidays and in my opinion, the anticipation of the days before Christmas are sometimes better than the day itself.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my in-laws and felt the effects of the food coma for days afterward. I'm about turkeyed and stuffinged out but the leftovers are always amazing.

 Over the weekend we got our tree and finished decorating the house. Liam didn't care much for the getting of the tree but enjoyed decorating the place. Well mostly he enjoyed throwing the balls ornaments when mommy or daddy wasn't looking. Thankfully he hasn't touched the tree since it's completion. He mostly just stands in front pointing out his favorite ornaments and making the appropriate sound for each. "Woof" and "choo choo" are his personal favorites. His new ornament this year is a train and he's quite partial to it. Tonight marks the first day of our advent calendar and I'm excited to start this tradition with Liam.

Grandpa is in town so Christmas came early for Liam. Husband finally engineered his way through putting together Liam's train after many laughs and comments from me and my dad. Liam loves staring at Thomas going around and around. He also loves giving high fives and fist bumps to Grandpa.

Hope you all are enjoying this season. And let the countdown to Christmas and seeing family begin!

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