Dear Liam,

I'm sitting here watching you. You're growing up so fast--almost 10 months! I love watching you. I don't want to miss anything. Some days I think time is screaming by and before I know it you'll be packing your bags for college. Then there are times when time stands still. Sometimes these are the nights when you've woken up countless times and all I want is just a few hours of consecutive sleep. Other times it's when we're having cozy time and you snuggle up close and just want mama. Those are the moments I want to last forever.

You are learning so much so quickly. You wave to say "hi", "bye" and "night night." You say "mama" and "dada" like it's your job.  Shaking your head "no" sometimes makes you dizzy. You rock on all fours just like I used to. The first time you did it I smiled; it is the first thing you did that I knew came directly from me. You're itching to walk but just don't have the confidence. No matter. Don't grow up too fast, please. And that smile. That sweet, sweet smile just warms my soul. Those conversations we have in the car and I look back at you and you just smile with your mouth closed (definitely didn't get that from me) and your hands folded so neatly in your lap. I'm a puddle on the floor when I see that smile. I love all your smiles, but that one. That one's my favorite. I pray your sweetness never fades---that you treat your friends and wife with that same sweetness. If you're like your daddy, I'm sure you will.

I love you, my sweet boy.

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