little bits

Sade is such a blob. But such a loveable blob || planning my week + no sleep + ten days straight of work requires all the extra caffeine I can get
trying to add our own personal touches to the place and keep things organized
a hallmark globe for $4? sure. || bare feet. can't wait for summatime
he loves this book, auntie jen. he thinks it's quite fun to go through it and mama act it out.
how can one choose? it's always the one that fits best in his mouth.
he sure does love cozy time
he could use a pedicure. aaaaaand he has a Sade fur in between his toes. real life.
i'm not even ashamed.
me and husband leave notes for each other. sometimes it's something silly, sometimes it's the exact thing i need to hear || the light that comes through that shower curtain in the afternoon. mmmmmmmmm.
he's gotten so into books lately.

always on the move. currently he loves opening and closing doors; he finds it rather fascinating. he has, however, locked himself into places because he can't figure out how to open the door again after he's closed it. the wall from the door of our bedroom and the hall is tight and without backing up, it's impossible to open. this has proved problematic for the babs. he freaked out one morning and it was a task trying to get him to open the door.
this shelf is a little temptress of goodies.

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