thanksgiving 2013

 thanksgiving, this year, was low key but reminded me of all the reasons why i am blessed. i have much to be thankful for. a loving husband who puts his family first and cherishes me, a son who reminds me every day of my purpose, in-laws who are gracious and kind and love their grandson immensely, and most of all, a God who loves me beyond all measure. who never gives up on me and is faithful to me. a God who sent his son, for me. i am grateful and may i never lose sight that thankfulness is an attitude, not just for one day, but for all seasons.

on another note, CHRISTMAS IS HERE! it's my favorite time of year and i'll be darned if it's not liam's. it is time for cozy nights by the fire, hot cocoa, too much candy, twinkle lights, n*sync christmas music, shopping, decorating, and showing this baby boy of mine this magical time of the year.

^^^so far though, i have my work cut out for me. 

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