four seasons

today felt like a mixture of the four seasons. the air was warm, in fact almost hot (oh hey, it's december!), flowers were budding near crunchy leaves and trees that had already lost its leaves for the winter. christmas decorations are around every corner. kids are outside playing chase in their tee shirts. i took full advantage, told liam we were going to the park, and off we went. we (mostly i) enjoyed crunching the array of leaves on the ground. it is one of my favorite things about fall, that crunching sound. liam enjoyed swinging, although you'd never know it. he was rather emotionless the whole time. these pictures are lying to you; i was lucky enough to catch the ONE time he laughed. swinging is all business for this bald bub.
we ventured to a bridge overlooking the pond. liam was fascinated by the fountain. lots of grunts and "oooooohs!" we stood there awhile,  him and i. i never knew i could enjoy the company of someone so much. we fit, us two. 
we went home and stared at the deer. christmas is a wonder for him. he is taking all the twinkling in with so much fascination. i love watching it through his precious little eyes. 
it was a simple day. the best kind of nothing day.

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