Dumpster diving

Kinda. Me and Thomas were walking Sadie to the store to get some ice cream (it was a scorcher today) and walked past a dumpster. The dumpster happens to belong to the Salvation Army and there was tons of broken items thrown around. I notice a fantastic wood pallet and decided we needed to take it. I knew exactly where it would go.


We went to Lowes to pick up a few things: step ladder, bigger screws to hang the shockingly heavy pallet, and some more plants. Like this one....

It now resides on our porch with several others. I was pretty useless with hanging the pallet up. My only real job was to make sure it was even (which I sucked at) so I checked up on Sadie. When moving the couch, we had found one of Malkin's old bones (sad). We gave it to Sadie and she promptly took it and went directly to her bed, where most of her bone eating takes place. I found her like this:

She noticed I was there so...

She needed to face me.

It's officially hung up due to the talent of my hubby. Things to go up around it but I love it. And even better, it was FREE!!

He's tired. And hot. =)

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