Start of summer

Summer is here in Texas. 80-90 degree weather, storms, dresses...I love it all. 

The Salvation Army across the street just doubled in size and I obviously needed to check it out this morning. Several fabulous finds...all under $12. 

This lamp was $9. Just sayin'. I'll be getting a new shade at some point, but for now, I love it. And you can't go wrong with a $9 lamp. The book to the left is from Anthropologie. I'm in love with that too.

The other day, Thomas told me about an antique store downtown. We decided to venture over one morning and I immediately fell in love. 

I mean, really? Everything is wood and vintagey and quite lovely. Upstairs was unbearable from a lack of AC in the hot weather but this view...love.

We came home with a gorgeous new coffee table/trunk. Everything I wanted and more. It replaced our horrible Ikea tables that needed to be trashed. I will be going back here.

{Sleepy hubby}

{My Sadie girl begging to go outside}

Happy Friday!

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