To My Sons

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I have loved your father for nine years and we've been friends for twenty. He's been a part of my life more than he has not. We have quite the story, him and I, that one day we'll sit down and share with you. 

I can't help but think God knew the world needed more men like him and that's why He gave us two. Our story began when we were ten. Kids who enjoyed petty conversation over McDonalds nuggets or a Starbucks latte. When he told me he loved me and that he always would. We loved deeply as oceans and continents separated us. Dozens of flights, countless emails and phone calls sealed our love and then we wed amongst the ocean breeze. 

Him and I and also you.

I have many hopes for you both.

My greatest hope that you come to know His redeeming love, the power of His grace and that you grow in His wisdom. I pray you love deeply, caring about this broken world and all its people. I hope you are kind and compassionate, full of grace and humility. The world changes when we love, really love, those who are in it. Don't be selfish and please don't be safe. I beg of you. Love is uncomfortable but it's simple 1 Cor. 13:4-8. 

Find someone who ignites your self-worth. Be the kind of man who is patient, forgiving, and apologetic. Display these often. Who doesn't belittle, who encourages his wife to be strong and courageous. Who sees her worth and capabilities. Be the man who calls her out but doesn't use her flaws against her. 

Compassion. Grace. Gentleness. Self-control.

Love someone who stands behind you. Who gives you a standing ovation for small victories. Someone who is willing to move mountains and stand in the valleys with you. Love someone who is courageous and makes you brave. Love someone that makes you better. Find a partner who respects you. And most importantly, someone who has surrendered to His free gift.

Love each other hard. Unconditionally. Unprovoked. Selflessly. Dangerously. 

Marry your best friend. Someone you want to stay in the room with. Who boasts with pride when spoken of you. Laugh together. The kind of laughter that makes your belly ache and your cheeks sore. Be silly together. Enjoy the little moments like conversations over McDonalds nuggets and a Starbucks latte. 

I do not say these things lightly. I know them to be true. For I found them in your daddy.

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