2 Essentials for Dry Winter Skin

Even with the humidity that Texans experience in the winter, my skin still feels dry. It's as if my skin feels as gloomy as the weather. BUT! I've found two products that zapped my dry skin woes.

I've touched briefly on the magical powers of this Murad Lightening Gel that has literally saved my skin. It does tend to dry out my skin a bit however, due to it's miraculous ingredients, there's no way I'm not going to use it. It's become a staple in my beauty routine. But no matter how alligator-y my skin is feeling, Korres 24-Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream dumps the moisture back into my skin and makes it feel like it's living again. I've never discovered a moisturizer that makes my skin feel so dewy 12 hours after I put it on more than this. It's a game changer.

And for the body, this EOS lotion is fab. Husband actually brought it home one fateful day and it's transforming my skin. I start to get tiny rashes on my hands and knees if I'm not careful but using a thick balm can get annoying. They take forever to warm into the skin and I hate the sticky feeling that remains afterward. EOS lotion immediately melts in my skin and relieves me of itchy, cracked skin. Can't say enough good things.

What are your favorite winter skincare products?

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