Styling the Bump: Third Trimester

Jeans: Target | Tee: Asos | Cardigan: Target | Boots: Target | Scarf: thrifted, similar

As my pregnancy progresses, I definitely have fewer options and a version of the one I'm wearing here has gotten me through. It's amazing how much bigger my bump has gotten this pregnancy than with my first but I've learned how to dress without spending too much money.

Aside from pants, I can get away with buying tops and dresses one or two sizes bigger. However, because I'm tall I still have to be a bit choosey as some things, though they fit, aren't long enough. Asos, Old Navy and Target have been my favorite, inexpensive retailers to find clothes. They still have plenty of on-trend options but they won't make you go broke in a day.

My style has simplified the further along I get in my pregnancy. Having neutrals and basic pieces that can be styled in various ways helps me to grab something quickly in the morning (especially for work) and not feel like I'm wearing the same thing every day.

Things to shop for:

Stripes are a neutral in my opinion and that's the name of the game! They're flattering and classic and depending on your style the options are endless.

Basic tops
The foundation to any outfit. I usually pick my top first and having several basic tops is crucial. I can style one top into five different outfits which is essential!

Skinny Jeans (I have a distressed pair and non-distressed pair that is perfect for casual Friday at work)
They are so versatile which is really what you want during pregnancy. Find the fit and style that work best for you, whether you want distressed or not, full panel or side panel, etc.

Bodycon dresses - emphasize that cute bump!
Typically I'm not a fan of tight dresses and prefer a looser fit but pregnancy makes an exception. At a time when you're already feeling large, it's nice to really emphasize your curves and your belly.

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