Bumpdate: 30 Weeks

Pants: Old Navy, sold out in this color; purple and small dots still available  | Sweater: Target | Boots: Target | Beanie: Target | Sunnies: Nordstrom, similar | Bag: Catherine Malandrino 

I can't believe I've already hit the 30 week mark! When I look back, I laugh at what I thought was a "bump" at 12 weeks. Oh the silliness.

How far along? 30 weeks and ticking.

Name: We've finally picked a name but for now we're keeping it to ourselves.

Movement: Now that he's the size of a cabbage (seriously who decides what to measure by??) and space is harder to come by I feel every little thing and he's an active little guy. He's definitely more active at night which is typical. He pushes his little self out and it makes walking interesting because it hurts! Every night around 6PM my tummy gets really tight and I can feel him in a tight ball. Sometimes I'm able to push him back in but this seems to be something he loves to do! I love though that I can feel whether he's moving a hand or foot or when a long arm or leg is kicking. My uterus doesn't love it so much, however.

How I'm feeling: Aside from getting more and more uncomfortable, I'm feeling pretty good. At my last doctor's appointment I found out I was anemic and the iron supplements I'm taking now make me nauseous. I've learned to take those at night and my prenatals in the morning which make it more tolerable. Mostly I'm just getting so excited to meet our little man and know that the more uncomfortable I get, the closer it is until he's here!

Cravings: Still nothing specific although my sweet tooth is coming back. I feel at ease knowing there's a gallon of Blue Bell in the freezer. That said, I still prefer savory over sweet. I can get down on chips and queso if given the chance. Every weekend, we've made it a point to try a new restaurant and my pregnant self is loving it. So far we've tried Mexican (Rio Bravo and El Pueblito), BBQ (Pecan Lodge), and Lazy Dog. I'm still dreaming about the brisket sandwich from Pecan Lodge. If you're ever in Dallas, GO--the line is worth it.

Workout: Nothing's really changed here. I posted my pregnancy workout routine a few weeks ago and this still remains my favorite way to stay active.

Nursery: I've mentioned before that February is baby month and we'll be getting most of our purchases then. I've finally settled on the bassinet, rocker, and other bigger items. It took a lot of research and googling to find exactly what I wanted. We knew we didn't want a typical glider that looked like it belonged in a nursery and it was important for me to find one that didn't cost $2000 and fit into our aesthetic. I'll post more on the nursery once we've officially bought everything.

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