Creating a Cozy Home with Lorena Canals

 Rug, c/o | Bed | Duvet Cover/Pillow Case | Map, thrifted | Dresser | Cart | Easel

It's important to me to create a home that is warm and inviting, a cozy place that welcomes creativity. For me, that means creating intentional spaces where my kids can play and be messy, a nook where husband and I can unwind together, and a kitchen that calls for gathering.

Though it small, Liam's room is one of my favorites in our little home. Each toy and gadget has a home and is neatly organized, it's bright and airy and all the texture provides a cozy space that makes me want to build those highly requested tracks on the floor. His room is still a work in progress as we prepare for baby #2 but I've been enjoying the challenge of getting everything just so. More baskets and organizational jars need to be added and labels need to be made to satisfy my OCD heart but I like the direction it's headed.

This Lorena Canals rug is a new addition that I quickly fell in love with. It's 100% cotton, handmade, thick and plush and perfect for crawling and lounging on and the best part is it's WASHABLE. For me, this is genius. Straight up, kids are gross and having the ability to wash the rug is crucial. It fits right into the washer (and dryer) and literally takes no time. A favorite tidbit is that each rug in this collection is named after a child who is provided with a scholarship in India.

                                    Rug, c/o | Bed | Duvet Cover/Pillow Case | Map, thrifted | Dresser | Cart | Easel

Though they specialize in kid's rugs, I have a few other favorites that would be great additions to my house (let's face it, adults need washable rugs too!) like this azteca one, this geometric one, and this striped one.

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