Bumpdate: 22 Weeks

How far along? 22 weeks

Name: We're working on it. Options are being narrowed down and we think we have a middle name. It's just so hard choosing a name!

Movement: This little guy is active! I've grown to learn his sleeping habits and when he's the most active. Initially I thought he wasn't quite as aggressive with his movement as Liam was but he may be proving me wrong. You can see my tummy start to move now which is always exciting. Those are some of my favorite videos to look at from when I was pregnant the first time around. I'm still waiting for Liam to feel his brother's kicks. The last time I told him his brother was kicking he said that wasn't nice so we're still learning. :)

Belly Button: Almost an outie and quite literally a button. Cute.

Sickness: Thankfully it's completely gone. The first 4 months were a doozy but I woke up one morning and the nausea was completely gone. It was like a Christmas miracle!

Cravings: Gimme all the savory food, which seems normal when carrying a boy. I'm no longer craving Chinese food which Thomas is thankful for. There's nothing specific that I'm really desperate for I just don't desire sweets. Like ever.

Workout: I'm working out regularly again. I've somehow gotten a surge of energy and my body is craving being active again. I was worried I would never get back to it since my first trimester was so terrible. But it seems I'm free and clear from the nausea and from hanging my head in the throne so I'm taking full advantage. My body is singing a hallelujah chorus and I feel somewhat like my old self again. I'll be sharing my workout regime that I've been doing soon!

Nursery: Liam will be sharing a room with the new baby which mostly just means that's where the changing table, etc will be but sleeping in our room. We are moving to a new place shortly after the baby is born so we're not trying to get too crazy with the setup. Also trying not to think to hard about moving with a newborn or I might have a hernia. However, once we move I'll change up the theme of the room. Currently Liam has a cars/maps/transportation theme but I want something a bit more whimsical and youthful. This Lorena Canals rug is on the way and I have my eye on this panda head and this lion head. I'll also be investing in big baskets like these from Serena and Lily to keep clutter at bay. There's currently a lot of natural wood furniture (like this dresser, this toddler bed, and several of these baskets) which will be versatile for whatever we finally land on.

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