Black + Gold + I'llllllll Be Hoooome for Chriiiiistmas

 Jeans, c/o | Dress (worn as a top), c/o | Leather Jacket, old | Hat, c/o | Heels

It's December 9 and I'm reminded that I have one week plus a few nights sleep until we're off to California for two weeks. Oh how I need some family time!

 I'm ready for my mom's fudge, sarcastic banter, opening stockings with Katie early Christmas morning, cousins playing, all 4 of us siblings being together IN ONE PLACE, the constant hum of Christmas music in the background, puzzles, snow at the cabin and piney mountain air (!).

After a crazy year and busy season I'm ready to slow down. Nothing beats the comfort of home. Ever thankful for sweet, sweet family time.

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