Holiday Gift Guide: Baby Must-Haves

The holidays are rapidly approaching (must faster than I am ready for!) and I'm so excited because this year there is another little bambino to think about! Since I'm not a new mom, I definitely have some favorite baby must-haves. Whether you're a new mom or know of one, these are the products I can't live without!

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  • 4Moms MamaRoo: This is on the top of our list to get for baby #2. Liam lived in his seat for the first year (even loved to sleep in it) but it was a hand-me-down and outdated and eventually gave out on us. If this new little one is anything like brother or mama, he will like to move and bounce A LOT and I know this will be perfect. I love that is designed to move like we do, batteries AREN'T required and you can control it from your smart phone.
  • Bandana Bibs: For eating or drooling, bibs are a must! Liam went through several bibs (and outfits) a day due to drool. I love that these are super soft and absorbent and are much cuter than your average bib.
  • Bumbo Floor Seat: Total lifesaver for a mama! Super durable and easy to transport. I loved taking this to the lake with us when Liam was a baby. Prevented him from getting too sandy and he loved sitting up and observing everything. Definite mom fav.
  • Moccasins: Babies are notorious for kicking off shoes and losing them. I can't tell you how many shoes I've lost in the aisles of Target without realizing it. Lesson learned: stick to moccasins. They never fall off and are super comfy for your little one.
  • Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag: You learn a lot about what you want/need after your first baby. I got this ginormous diaper bag when I had Liam. While it was great for carrying everything I could ever want in it, it was so annoying to carry around and it was so heavy! This time I'll be investing in a backpack so I'll be hands free. (If you aren't particular about a backpack, this Oemi diaper bag could also double as a purse. More bang for your buck. :)
  • Swaddle Blankets: Bigger is better! Most babies love being swaddled the first few months. I quickly learned that not all blankets are created equal. Get extra large blankets so your baby doesn't wiggle out of them. 
  • ErgoBaby Carrier: Whichever your preferred sling or carrier, this is a total necessity. I could clean the house, do dishes, errands, all while Liam was sound asleep. With baby #2, I know I will rely on it more heavily.
  • Little Kid Backpack: Because I will no longer have enough hands to carry a baby AND Liam's trinkets around. 
That's it--my absolute favorite baby must-haves! If you have any questions, feel free to email me or comment below.

The list doesn't stop there! A few more products that would make great gifts:

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