Our Weekend According to My iPhone (and a video)

Henry's Homemade Ice Cream
Sundays for us are pretty special days. It's the one day of the week we have together as a family and we try to capitalize on that. Liam had been begging to go to the pool all day Saturday so I promised Sunday would be the day.

We picked up some pizza and beer (because nary a Sunday without) and a few extra pool floaties after church, took our usual Sunday nap much to Liam's dismay, and then headed straight down to the pool. I'm one who likes to bake on the side of the pool, jump in and play for a bit, then hop out and bake some more which makes it crucial for husband to come along with Liam. Liam is the opposite of me at the pool. Jump in the second he's allowed and doesn't get it until he's being threatened with spanks or an early bedtime. This time though, we promised ice cream for National Ice Cream Day which was motivation enough. 

Husband found Henry's Homemade Ice Cream and hooooly moly, best ice cream in town. If you go, cookie dough in a waffle cone (specifically after they've just made the cones and they're a little warm) is a must. Just take my word for it.

Sunday success except for husband's hair injury (watch the video).
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