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What to Wear to the Pool

Dress: Old Navy | Sandals: Target | Lip: Elizabeth Arden

Sunday we skipped church for the pool. Yep, I kind of sort of judge us too. The temperatures were already hot by 9am and the work I had put into getting my face on was beginning to slowly drip down my brow. Why bother? {I still always do.} When husband said, you maybe wanna go swimming instead? every part of my being said YES YES YES.

This takes me back to the year 2010 when we were just married and moving into our first apartment together. We had made the long drive from California, arriving at just past 10PM, and the temperature was a whopping 113°. So we thought, let's go sit in our lovely new abode and cool off for a minute or two before we bring a couple boxes up.

And then.

No. AC.

Nothing says Honey, I'm home! like a house that's over 100°.

I maybe sorta thought to myself, What have we gotten ourselves into? What is this Texas place?

Fun fact, that was the hottest summer on record in Texas. Over 68 days straight of triple digit weather. I know because I had a quaint little butterfly calendar I was keeping track on. When the temperatures finally dropped below 100, I thought, Fall? Is that you? 

And it was in fact.

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Dress: Old Navy | Sandals: Target | Lip: Elizabeth Arden

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