Celebrating Our 6th Wedding Anniversary: Part 1

July 24 was our 6 year anniversary and I wanted to create a fun, sentimental afternoon instead of buy him an expensive gift that required no thought. So I came up with a scavenger hunt-six because you know, anniversary-that covered all the major high points in our marriage. For each clue, I created a poem directing where we would go next.

Follow along 😘

First up was Macaroni Grill where we had dinner the night we got engaged. Crucial tidbit, get the mac n cheese balls. Best little pieces of fried goodness you'll ever have.

Then we were off to our first home when we were married. We have some of our very best memories in this house. Though the AC was questionable, I think this will always be my favorite.

Next was the school. Him and the library have become best friends over the years. 😜 And then to my office, the place I got my first big girl job! Also Liam loved to "read" each clue to us. A whole lot of gibberish and exclamation points!
PAUSE: random family photo shoot that Liam wanted no part of. Not our best work here. You'll see...
  Next, Thomas' job! (Clue #5 as he's artfully showing us here)
 The next clue was our favorite little ice cream place that serves homemade ice cream (see previous post). It was over 100, 109 with heat index) so ice cream felt necessary at this point. 

 I've been wanting to do a photo session with my wedding dress so for the final clue I had our dress clothes ready for us in the back of my car. I made a flower crown and a boutonnière. At this point it was so hot and we were fairly sure we were dying so we went home to take a nap before pictures. It was perfectly timed with golden hour and those pictures are something I'm going to cherish forever. Those will be coming in my next post.

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