Twisted Fishtail Tutorial

Twisted Fishtail Tutorial

Foundation: Tarte Amazonian Clay | Blush; Elf - Candid Coral | Highlighter: Mary Lou Luminizer | Bronzer: It Cosmetics | Eyeshadow: Rule, Omega, Urban Cecay x Gwen Stefani Palette | Eyeliner: Marc Jacobs | Mascara: Maybelline | Lipliner: Nyx - Natural | Lipstick: ColourPop - Ripa | Brows: Brow Gel

  1. Start by grabbing a small section of hair on one side of your head (if you have a side part, I suggest starting on the side with the most hair). Divide that section into two.
  2. Take a small piece from the outer edge and cross it under to the other side. Grab another small piece, adding in some hair, and cross it under to the other side. Repeat with a small section from the other side, only adding pieces to the back section (not by your face).
  3. Keep adding in pieces until you get about an inch or two above your ear. Continue the fishtail but do not add in extra hair.
  4. Before you secure your elastic, start to pancake the braid. This will give it a much looser, fuller effect. You can go as crazy or not as you want....totally your preference.
  5. Grab a small section on the opposite side of your head; this is the side we will be twisting. Super simple to do -- just add in pieces of hair (again on the side away from your face) until you are a few inches above your ear. Stop adding pieces but continue all the way down, continuing to twist.
  6. Pull the twist apart. Seriously. Get nuts with it.
  7. Secure in the back with a clear elastic. Eye it and see if you need to fatten it up even more.
  8. Done! Easy peasy.

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