It's Not About the Kids

Shorts: OLD NAVY
Sandals: TARGET
Bag: TJ MAXX, similar

Once you have kids your life becomes about them. You eat, sleep, dream about them constantly, never turning it off. Isn't that what you hear when you become a mother?

I read this article about motherhood and I just didn't like it. I don't agree. Wait no. I'm not the same person husband married 6 years ago. That I agree with.

You see...

I am my best self with Liam when things are right with husband. When we've had our late night snacks together, our morning cup of coffee together on the couch, when we've stayed up late binge watching The Office {apparently work doesn't encourage 2PM siestas. Anybody wanna move to Mexico? No. Just me?}, and even those poopy talks about finances.

At the end of the day, when that front door opens and the man of my dreams walks through it, I still be sure to have a little extra something to give. Because he's worked tirelessly for 12 hours and a warm greeting isn't too much to ask. Plus, there's nothing better than my lova dressed to the nines.

When I daydream about Liam, wondering how I'm going to get him to eat his vegetables, thinking about what I need to pack for daycare tomorrow, the pantry that somehow emptied itself in 24 hours time, the sheets that need washing, the plants that need watering, I also think about you. I care for your well-being, just as I do Liam's. Liam is not a priority over you. I suck just as bad at making Liam's dinner as I do yours. You know this. Liam is not special. 

Loving you well means loving Liam well. Our kids will never be a priority over you. You win. Every time.

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