In Regards to Monsters

Three Year Old Boys

The other morning, I went to go wake Liam up [!!!] and he was clearly mid-dream. I shook him several times, kissed those squishy cheeks, and whispered his name. He eventually came to and groggily sat up.

Mama, I don't want the monster to get me. It's scawy!

This was Liam's first nightmare. We had read a Monster's Inc. book several times recently and I sensed that this was the history of the dream.

Liam, there's no monster. See? I opened the curtains, the closet door, and lifted the bed covers to prove these monsters had not taken over his room.

Apparently he was convinced that it was safe to get out of bed. Breakfast on the table, he said it again.

The monsters are gonna eat my spwinkle donuts. No no, monsters! You not my friend! Isn't this every person's thought? Please no one take my donut.

I tried to keep my giggle in, and again tried to convince him there weren't any monsters around.

A short while later I was in Liam's room tidying things up, putting trains here and putting race cars there. I looked up to see a skeptical three-year-old standing in the door way.

Are there monsters, mama? Are they going to get me?

Nope, no monsters bear.

Not quite a believer he stepped one foot into his room and took a look around just to be reeeeal sure. He seemed convinced as he took one giant leap into the room and started chit chatting about his hot wheels and categorizing the super fast ones. We spent the next little while discussing cars and his day at the races with daddy [because that was an unforgettable day for this little].
Sleeping with Daddy

These are the days. These are the moments that make being a mother worthwhile. They are little moments and they are fleeting but they bring me so much joy. This stage of life involves monsters, boogers, dirty hands and feet, sweaty hair, and the occasional zombie. [What is it about kids and zombies?]

Little boys forever!

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