Happy Birthday, Liam!

Third Birthday
Yesterday Liam turned 3! 

What. Is. Happening.

I've looked at his hospital pictures and re-read our birth story about 1000 times in the past few days. I just can't believe that it's already been 3 years! 

To my boy:

You have most certainly enriched our lives. You've made this world so much sweeter and how lucky are we that we get to guide you through it. Such an awesome and great responsibility. Your personality is blossoming and I love having conversations with you and listening to what's going on in that little mind of yours. From trains to Bible stories, you contemplate so much and you are definitely the smartest THREE year old I know. :) Your second year was big and I bet your third year will be even bigger. Goodness gracious, I love you so. As we tucked you in on your birthday, Daddy started to cry. It just hit that you're no longer two and definitely not a baby anymore. You're a little man now and it's bittersweet. Sweet because of who you and all you're becoming and bitter because where is that little boy that used to fit in our arms?? And you, my sensitive boy, said "Don't be sad, Daddy!" Happy birthday, bear. You are loved more than you know.

Thomas the Train
We went to Day Out With Thomas in Grapevine and Liam loved it. He's still obsessed with Thomas the Train [going on two years strong now] and this was literally his ideal day. He had an afternoon playing with wooden tracks, watching electric trains going 'round and 'round and he even got to see Sir Topham Hat. He was so excited he bolted up to him, quickly gave him a hug and ran the other way. I mean, seriously. The cutest.
OverallsThomas the Train
Daddy and Son
Toddler Activities
Grapevine, Texas
Overall Shorts
Thomas the Train
Thomas the TrainBlue Polo Shirt
Denim Overalls
Daddy and Son
Toy Train Tracks
Blue T-Shirt
Train Ride
We got to ride a train and ironically, Liam was TERRIFIED. Literally sobbed as we climbed aboard. For someone who has a serious obsession, I do find it rather strange that the real deal scares him so much. One of his many quirks. :)
Ceiling Fan
Third Birthday
Thomas the Train CakeNeck Scarf
Striped Pajamas
Thomas the Train Cake
I mean, really? Could not be cuter.
Train Cupcakes
Boy's Third Birthday
Toddler Birthday Cake
Messy Lob
Boy's Birthday CakeBlue Rain Boots
Toddler Birthday Cake
Birthday Candles
Thomas the Train BirthdayThomas the Train Birthday
Thomas the Train BirthdayThomas the Train Cake
Thomas the Train Cake
Thomas the Train Cake
Thomas the Train Cake
Thomas the Train Cake
Messy WavesThomas the Train Cake
Thomas the Train Cake
Striped T-ShirtStriped T-Shirt
Thomas the Train Cake

You'll always be my baby. 

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