Liamisms at 2.5

Our little boy turned two and a half today. How? Why? He's so big and I want it to staaap!!

If you know Liam, you know he loves Thomas the train, aka traino. He weirdly loves watching YouTube videos of kids playing with Thomas trains. Bless you, YouTube. Because of his strange fascination he now knows every single name of every train ever on that show.  Did you know there was a Flynn? No, me either but Liam does. When we go to the store, he makes requests to go to the Thomas aisle because "Mommy, they have 'take-n-pways. Less look at take-n-pway Thomaaaas!'" It's never just Thomas. We must be specific about the type of train. Very important. 

Every time our air freshener does it's puff of...freshener (? I really don't know how to describe what I'm saying), Liam must say "Air fresher!!" Every. Time.

Yogurt is still his favorite food group. Sprinkle donuts are a close second.

He loves spotting airplanes and helicopters and telling us they're going to the airport. He's definitely better at daddy at finding them first.

He's afraid of flies. This is due to an incident of one landing on his head during dinner which led to a huge panicked shriek. For a long time he refused to eat at the table without someone sitting with him and now every time he hears one buzzing he says it's "scawy." Also every bug is a "widdle bug."

We've given up on potty training for the time being. We all need a break.

When I'm putting him to bed, "Mommy, lay your head on dis pillow," hoping I don't leave. 

He does a mean Home Alone impression.

He's a music lover, loves to dance, can count to 10, and sing his ABC's.

Of course, his affectionate nature grows more and more and I love it when he calls me to tell me he loves me, his gentle hugs and aggressive kisses that always involve putting one hand on my shoulder, and his little run to greet me when I walk through the door makes me swoon.

We love you endlessly, sweet boy. You make us so proud. XO

 Dress - Old Navy, also in blue
Denim Jacket - Gap
Boots - Target
Necklace - Stella & Dot, c/o
Sunglasses - Warby Parker

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