A Cow's Tale + PinkBlush Maternity

The other day we went on an evening walk, enjoying the cooler temps. We let Liam run around on a bridge with his trains while we chatted on some nearby steps. As we shared stories of our day, it became clear how much we're in sync. We finish each other's sentences, share the same thoughts, and generally agree on most things.  Just a small observation but what a comfort. 

Anywho, we headed towards some cows that were out for feeding and I was commenting on the size of the cow closest to us and thought it was maybe a year old or so. I was being watched by a rather large nearby cow and she (the gender was clear) started to slowly meander her way towards me. At this point Liam had no interest in the cow but as both cows inched their way closer to us, suddenly he was fascinated. AND THEN. I realized we were dealing with mama cow. And mama cow was now charging and the fence that once seemed imaginary and hardly noticeable suddenly now seemed...noticeable and rather wimpy. It just didn't seem like it could contain a 2,000 pound monstrosity. If Betty wanted to go through that fence, she was going to go through it. I grabbed Liam and bolted the other direction. As we quickly went our separate way from the cows, Liam said, " Mama, I scawed."

Me too, kid.

Since then, he's had no interest in cows and doesn't even want to sing about them. Old MacDonald does NOT have a cow.

This outfit has become significant in that I'll always remember how Betty charged us. This faux suede skirt from PinkBlush, a maternity boutique believe it or not, and has become one of my favorites for fall. While they do have lots of cute maternity clothes for all you pregnant mamas out there (seriously where were all the trendy maternity clothes when I was pregnant?), they also have so many great non-maternity clothes as well. However, I also ordered this maternity dress a size down and it fits perfectly and am so excited to wear it during the holidays. Tip: don't rule out the maternity department! If it doesn't have any belly specific rouching or a belly band, you can usually always get a smaller size. More often than not, maternity maxi dresses are only labeled as such because they allot for a belly. Also great for food babies.

Skirt - PinkBlush, c/o
Turtleneck - Old Navy
Boots - Enzo Angiolini (gift)
Sunglasses - Warby Parker

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