Weekend in the City

So happy to start this week off after a refreshing weekend. I love when the days are filled with lots of sun, people watching, hand-holding with husband, food trucks, playing catch in the park, and water activities. To me, those are the best kinds of days.

We went into the city on Saturday to picnic at the park and wear Liam out. Mission accomplished. Thomas tried teaching Liam how to play catch but he was never the sports player in the family and we've decided this is better to be taught by his mother. This was realized after a wild throw almost nailed an innocent bystander, aka three year-old. It was nowhere close to where I was standing. We put the gloves down after that.

Liam splashed in the fountains for over an hour with his daddy. I love watching those two together. Thomas loves playing just as much as Liam and as a mother, it's the best to witness. 

After a delectable sno-cone was inhaled we called it quits and headed home. A wet Liam fought sleep and when we finally made it home, he slept for hours. A Cracker Barrel dinner followed and we finished the day building tracks and FaceTiming Grandmom. 

Monday, come at me. And now, lots of pictures.

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