13 Things to Miss If You're From Small Town, California


I was born and raised on the coast of California in a smallish town, Salinas, and am now living in the middle of the country in Dallas. These are two different planets and over the last few years I've become rather sentimental about my birthplace.

1. Going to a restaurant and knowing at least one person. Seeing old middle school friends at the mall  (specifically Forever 21) which is the only cool place to shop in town. Leaving church 2 hours after the end of service because you've been waiting on your parents to stop talking. Pete is turning the lights out on you.

2. The smell of fertilizer. After moving out of state, that smell has become nostalgic. Gross, but nostalgic.

3. The fact that BJ's Brewhouse is the hippest place to be in town on a Sunday afternoon.

4. The beach is fifteen minutes away and the road to get there is my favorite road of all time. Perfectly nestled between the rows of lettuce and hills and killer views.

5. Knowing all the back roads. Nothing makes me feel more out of place living in Dallas than not knowing which highway leads where. It's so confusing! Miss those "haunted" mountain roads and the "wee wee ride" roads.

6. Taqueria los Gallos. Nothing else has or will compare.

7. And Eric's Deli. If you're a local, you know what I mean.

8. The pretty houses in my parent's neighborhood. I dream of living in one of those colonial houses one day. And winning the lottery.

9. Speaking of my parent's neighborhood, the leaves in the fall. Dallas leaves just don't have that crunch factor.

10. Boasting about the Monterey Bay Aquarium being the best aquarium in the world. Because it is.

11. Dennis the Menace park was the shiz. And if you're from town you KNOW it's just not the same without those metal slides.

12. Seeing your town's agriculture in stores across the country is the coolest thing and it never gets old. And usually always deserves some sort of squeal in the produce aisle.

13. Being a stone's throw away from this.

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